We are living through times of tremendous change... challenging us at our very core to release the past, expand through the present and evolve into a magnificent future. We are at the threshold between two paradigms... the old familiar one based on fear, lack, unworthiness, judgment, anger and the new and somewhat uncomfortable one based on unconditional love, acceptance, allowance, joy, inner-peace. 

To transit from one to the other we must resolve many of the old issues in our lives which have been essentially holding us back. Issues which have been rearing their heads time and time again to be addressed with our new-found skills... but often we find ourselves stuck in our old patterns, desperately seeking solutions.

Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a unique healing modality which allows us to definitively address many of our emotional issues/patterns impeding our lives.  SRT is an ancient healing art that operates entirely at the person’s soul level. Hank accesses and works directly with the Akashic record (the soul's record of lifetimes), releasing cellular discord and restoring balance, alignment and harmony.

Through SRT, Hank merges with your soul to identify discordant energies and issues limiting your soul's growth and unnecessarily impacting your physical/emotional reality.  An educational process is initiated from which your soul can now assimilate understanding from discordant soul experiences (previously restricting growth) and provides your soul the freedom to expand into whole new arenas of experience.  It is a useful tool in releasing blocked energies, anxiety, depression, phobias, addictions, suicidal behavior patterns, and often effective in releasing health challenges and physical disabilities limiting your life.  The overall experience allows for the release of tremendous emotional baggage from our lives.  The SRT process allows you greater quality in relationships, freedom from limiting emotional issues and an inner peace to embrace a vibrancy of life previously unachievable.

Since the process occurs at the soul-level, Hank determines, before any work is performed, if SRT will positively impact your life-situation (i.e. asthma & lung problems, back pain, kidney problems, allergies, depression, etc.). SRT can be performed either directly (by phone) with a client's interactive participation or indirectly where the soul-work is performed remotely with the results then mailed to the client. Many clients request SRT clearings for loved ones who, although unaware that the work was requested, experience positive changes as a result in their lives. (Note: the soul's permission must be received before any SRT work can be performed). SRT also works very effectively on animals and can be applied to restoring harmony in homes and offices.

Spiritual Brain Repatterning

Spiritual/Brain Repatterning (SBR) is a tool which allows review of a person’s present-life (womb to age 5) cellular programming. SBR identifies the major negative-statements embraced at the cellular level which have created discordant emotional-themes in one’s life. The counter-statement are then programmed-in at the cellular level which results in the release of those discordant emotional-themes from our lives giving us the freedom to move forward on a whole new manner.  Most clients report that core attitudes towards life noticeably change.  Children with ADD or ADHD respond very dramatically to SBR, as well as clients with major self-punishing or self-destructive tendencies.

Spiritual Restructuring

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) is a powerful form of healing which balances the body in a multitude of areas.  Restructuring encompasses areas of body alignment, muscle work, healing of organs and glands, nutritional guidance as well as alignment of the soul (mind) with the brain (Brain Restructuring) .  These adjustments can be performed either hands-on with the client physically present or energetically (i.e. by telephone) where the client is not physically present.  The majority of sessions are conducted by telephone, take 20-30 minutes, and virtually all clients are pain-free by the end of the call.  People with whiplash, back pain, shoulder or hip joint problems, TMJ, carpal tunnel issues, etc. experience benefits within minutes of the restructuring adjustments.  

Total Body Modification

Total Body Modification (TBM) is a hands-on form of healing which is an offshoot of chiropractic medicine. It essentially treats the body as having a “health-computer”, tests the circuits to identify which are improperly programmed, corrects the programming, and then “re-boots” the computer so the new patterns are now fully operational. Many people with ailments ranging from pneumonia, knee/joint problems, chronic cough, adrenal weakness, reversed polarity, herpes, sunburn sensitivity, etc. have experienced lasting relief with TBM.

During a TBM session Hank also reprograms each client's discordant cellular beliefs providing a whole new spectrum of possibilities for them to more positively manifest their life experiences; and works directly with the client's cellular memories to honor and release their painful past experiences which enables them to most effectively and pro-actively embrace their future.    

Vibrational Healing

Vibrational Healing is an energetic form of healing which restores balance to the physical body's energy flow at the cellular level and raises the body's overall vibration, thereby activating the body's natural healing mechanisms. This allows energy constrictions or blocks to energy flow to dissolve. Clients report major improvement in pain conditions, major release of toxins, greater vitality and a feeling of improved overall well-being.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing restores balance to the seven major chakras of the body as well as two (transpersonal and planetary) beyond the physical body. Most people describe the effects of Chakra Balancing as restoration of a harmony or inner-peace throughout their overall being.

Color Breathwork Therapy

Color Breathwork Therapy is a unique healing tool which enables opening direct communication with our bodies to release present-life discord at the physical and emotional levels of our bodies. It is effective at releasing stress, anxiety, pain, and many ailments.  Hank teaches his clients how to utilize this healing modality to provide balancing for themselves.

Clearing Cellular Memory

Following SRT, Hank has an amazing array of tools to facilitate the release of many present-life emotional patterns limiting one's growth in life (issues of judgment, unworthiness, unforgiveness, distrust, not speaking/voicing one's truth, etc). This powerful and life-changing process creates profound changes in the cellular attitudes driving a person's life. Clients report feeling lighter, more open-hearted, more focused, and far more empowered in their lives.  

Abundance Creation

Hank has powerful tools and techniques [and CDs and DVDs available, see products] for creating and attracting abundance... and releasing the blockages, limitations, mis-beliefs which limit us in receiving abundance in our lives.  This is a painless, joyful and life-expanding experience. You can then use these tools to directly and effectively change your life.

Nutritional Therapies

Nutritional Therapies are powerful tools for restoring balance and renewed vitality to our physical bodies. Our dietary choices often do not provide our bodies with the basic building-blocks for the body to repair itself.  As we expand into making conscious choices, consistently honoring ourselves and our bodies, we pro-actively move forward into more fully embracing our power in life.  

A second generation fucoidan beverage (Z-Radical) is now available in the US and global  marketplace which has very unusual properties that help the body heal and restore energetic balance.  Most people experience renewed energy and physical vitality within a short period of time.  Z-Radical appears to be balancing our bodies, strengthening our immune system and generally increasing our overall vitality and life-force.  It is truly a gift! 

I had previously been consuming the first generation fucoidan beverage for 3-1/2 years and now definitely recognize that the Z-Radical beverage works more quickly and far more powerfully to balance/align the body.

Fucoidan is a natural nutrient found predominantly in brown sea-plants.  It is not found in anything land-based... no plants, fruits, vegetables or berries.  Western science/ medicine has been studying fucoidan in over 1,000 published studies and is viewing it as a potential wonder-nutrient/wonder-drug of the future.  For more details on the studies you can go Library of Medicine website: pubmed.gov  then search: fucoidan... fucoidan/cancer...  fucoidan/arthritis...  fucoidan/diabetes... fucoidan/heart disease... etc.  You will be amazed!

Z-Radical is available online through the www.youngevityonline.com website.  It's a $10 lifetime membership to enroll as an associate with Youngevity and you can purchase the Z-Radical wholesale for yourself and your family.  Z-Radical is providing people with new degrees of freedom in their lives.  I encourage you to check it out for yourself and experience first-hand what Z-Radical can do to improve your life and the lives of those you love.

Final note with regard to Z-Radical... if you are healthy, you will be drinking 2 oz twice daily [4 oz/day... 4 bottles/ month; 1 case]... if you're dealing with illness, 6-8+ oz/day [or 6-8+ bottles/ month; 1-1/2 to 2+ cases]... 1/3 of the people notice results from instantly to within a week, 1/3 see results within the first month, the final 1/3 can take 3-5 months until their body goes back into balance and they clearly see the benefits.  So when you choose to pursue Z-Radical for yourself and your family, allow the full 90+ days for your body to use Z-Radical's nutritional building blocks to heal itself.  It is an incredible blessing. 


Telephone Consultations

Hank works worldwide via telephone (and remotely) with clients from all over the   United States, and worldwide... including France, England, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Norway, South America, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Japan, China, Guam, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.


For private consultations call 303/679-6200 or email hank@hankinnerfeld.com 









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