Home Page:  Physical Introduction to the gifted healing expertise of Hank Innerfeld - who he is and the gifts he shares with the physical world.

Schedule:  Dates and locations of  classes, workshops and presentations currently scheduled.
Services of Hank Innerfeld:  Healing Modalities to aid in releasing the past, expand into the present and evolve into the magnificence of who one truly is.

* Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

* Spiritual Brain Repatterning (SBR)  

* Spiritual Restructuring (SpR)  

* Total Body Modification (TBM)  

* Vibrational Healing

* Chakra Balancing

* Color Breathwork Therapy

* Clearing Cellular Memory

* Abundance Creation

* Nutritional Therapies

Seminars:  Detailed descriptions of classes, workshops and presentations including fees.
Testimonials:  Experiences of people who have participated in Hank's classes/workshops and been the recipient of his healing expertise.
Articles written by Hank Innerfeld and published in Healing Path and Jersey Shore Holistic Magazine:
* Releasing Blocks with SRT
* Spiritual Response Therapy, An Innovative Form of Healing
* The New 12-Step Program for Living Life
* Water Tips to Maintain Your Health
Products:  Books, CD's, DVD's by Hank Innerfeld, Pendulums, Smog Busters and Sacred Space Rods
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